The Case to Defund Planned Parenthood

Abortion will always be a controversial subject. The defunding of Planned Parenthood should not be. Any organization accepting federal funding should be staying out of politics, as by receiving federal funding, an organization is no longer representing its employees, shareholders, etc., but representing all of the United States. Planned Parenthood is doing just the opposite.

Planned Parenthood receives upwards of $500 million each year from the US government, yet continuously finds itself intertwined in politics and has become extremely partisan. According to the Center for Responsible Politics, in the 2014 election cycle, Planned Parenthood spent over $580,000 in contributions to different candidates, of which 100% of the candidates were Democrats. More recently, in the 2016 election cycle, the organization spent upwards of $650,000 in political contributions, with 96% of endorsed candidates being Democrats, and just 1% of them Republicans. As the 2018 Midterms approach, Planned Parenthood only continues to increase its influence in political races. The organization has already spent over $300,000 on Midterms (99% Democrat, 0% Republican) and recently launched a campaign, along with numerous other liberal organizations, aiming to get people to vote Democrat in November’s election. The liberal coalition highlighted by Planned Parenthood will target infrequent voters in Michigan, Florida, and Nevada to vote Democrat and plans to roll out $30 million to accomplish this goal.

As every election cycle passes, Planned Parenthood only continues to show their harsh political bias, investing taxpayer money into races that most Americans don’t care about and into candidates only half of American supports. This needs to stop. Planned Parenthood should be focusing on its said goals in its mission statement, but instead continues to play politics…

The full article written by editor Rohan Kapur was featured on Conservative Daily News, where Kapur is a frequent contributor. Click here to read the full article.

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Rohan Kapur

Rohan Kapur is a high school student in New Jersey, graduating in 2020. He is interested in science, economics, and politics. He is the editor of Red in a Sea of Blue and a contributor for Conservative Daily News. Email him at

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