Which Country Has Had the Best Covid-19 Response?

Research by Michael Barber, an advisor to former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, and Idris Jala, who had a similar role with former Malaysian Rrime Minister Najib Razak, in a new study argued that the ideal Covid-19 response was a mix of New Zealand, Denmark, and Uganda. The pair also ranked countries on how they have recovered from the pandemic, listing Thailand and South Korea in the top two (as of August 5th).

Tyler Cowen, an economist from George Mason University, looked at the situation differently, arguing that the UK, a country Barber and Jala ranked at 28th, has had the best response to the coronavirus because of its innovation during the coronavirus. Cowen argues that while the UK’s public health response has been “generally poor”, its research strides put it over the top as its researchers have discovered the best mortality reducing treatment in dexamethasone and have produced the vaccine furthest in development in the Oxford vaccine.

Today, I would like to put forward a country of my own, who in the coming months I believe will be best suited to fight off the last of the pandemic and whose general strategy will end up being adopted by many countries. Continue reading Which Country Has Had the Best Covid-19 Response?

How the Coronavirus Will Affect the Chinese Economy

As the world continues to fight the coronavirus and search for a cure, a storyline that has gone under the radar has been the virus’s impact on the global economy. Tourism and travel industries are among the obvious that will be impacted, but the virus’s economic impact will be much more far-reaching and the Chinese economy may feel its impact for months to come. Continue reading How the Coronavirus Will Affect the Chinese Economy

Generation Z Will Revolutionize American Politics

The following is a section of a report written by Rohan Kapur on Generation Z.

In today’s polarized political climate, Generation Z looks oddly neutral. In the near future, their unique policy stances will have a major impact on American politics as we know it. Continue reading Generation Z Will Revolutionize American Politics

The Case for Political Ads

As the 2020 Presidential election approaches and the Democratic debates continue, an issue that has come under fire from both sides of the aisle has been political advertising with many endorsing the possible censorship and ban of digital political ads by major tech companies such as Twitter, Google, and Facebook. Many claim that these ads have divided the United States politically, spreading misinformation and fueling hatred between opposing parties. Still, despite the validity of some of these claims, digital political ads are a vital part of our democracy and a net positive in today’s technology-driven age, however, should be regulated to address their downfalls. Continue reading The Case for Political Ads

The Government Should Entertain the Idea of Raising the Minimum Wage

For a century, Washington DC has debated over implementing and subsequently raising the minimum wage. Today, the dispute rages on with Congress currently debating establishing a $15 federal minimum wage. Democrats argue that increasing the minimum wage would help the lower class by increasing real wages across the board and lift many out of poverty. Republicans, on the other hand, continue to be against raising the price floor on the labor market, arguing that a minimum wage increase would raise unemployment citing basic economic theory as the basis of their argument. However, with the state of the current economy, Republicans talking points are no longer holding up and it may be time for the government to reconsider minimum wage legislation on both a federal and local level. Continue reading The Government Should Entertain the Idea of Raising the Minimum Wage