About Red in a Sea of Blue

Red in A Sea of Blue is a blog run by editor Rohan Kapur featuring opinion pieces on economics, politics, and other pressing issues. Red in a Sea of Blue offers a unique view to many of America’s most controversial subjects from a conservative in an area of extreme liberal influence.

About the Editor

Rohan Kapur began this blog as a high schooler and is currently a college student, living in the greater New York area. He is a first-generation American of Chinese and Indian descent whose views tend to lean conservative, despite his immigrant roots and the liberal influence in the tri-state area. Rohan’s interest in economics and science, along with his newfound interest in politics following the historic 2016 Presidential election led him to create Red in a Sea of Blue as his personal blog. He uses Red in a Sea of Blue as a way to frequently share his opinion on major issues regarding the United States and the world.

Rohan’s work as the editor of Red in a Sea of Blue has allowed him to write for larger organizations. In August 2018, he officially became an opinion writer for Conservative Daily News and in September 2018 his work was published for the American Border Foundation. In October 2018, his work was first published on NewRightNetwork.com and the Ridgewood Blog. He looks forward to additional opportunities to display his work on a larger scale.

Along with politics and economics, Rohan is interested in Math and Science and has studied at Johns Hopkins and Stanford summer programs. He is especially interested in Science, specifically chemistry and molecular biology, and was invited to attend the Harvard Science Research Conference in November 2017.

Rohan is also committed to giving back and annually goes to India to teach underprivileged students in government schools through an organization called Akanksha. He also runs a school supply drive for Akanksha and has sent over 1000 pounds of supplies to schools in India. To learn more about his project in general click here and to learn about his school supply drive click here.

In addition, he plays tennis and cross country at his school and is the editor of the humor section. He also follows professional sports leagues such as the NBA and NFL.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. As a student, in the same grade, I appreciate an active dedication to current issues. However, I find that the representation of lots of evidence used in the posts somewhat lacking. Regardless of anyone’s political views, a wide perspective and understanding of data is essential to providing accurate and fair information. This was brought to my attention when reading “Addressing America’s Homeless Population” for a class. My location has a severe homeless problem, and I agree that simply providing short-term care is ineffective. However, little is done to express the note that many homeless people suffer from addiction and mental illness; that short term funding may be ineffective for some things, but without the proper psychiatric attention, which requires funding, the likelihood of these people getting and retaining jobs and homes is slight. You misrepresent the percentages in population, because while the numbers may increase, you do not compare this to the overall population growth. Lastly, you express democratic leadership as undoubtedly negative, in all places, at all times; you gloss over the District of Colombia and skip to making San Diego seem like the real example. I understand that everyone wants to promote their own party, but an extreme machine-political view that refuses to see good in anyone who is not “red or “blue” cannot ever understand the necessity of broad political opinions and views. When someone has a voice, they should absolutely have the right to use it, but representing data in a way that frames any political party as negative is a very misleading use of that voice. So much of the political world today uses this poor data representation to falsely construe the reality of evidence, and few of today’s people take the time to find the whole truth. I only say this in the hope that in future, my fellow high-school students taking an active stance in the political world can incorporate a more broad perspective on the wide variety of issues, without merely joining into the highly negative political-machine competition. This nation is a Democratic Republic; this means that everyone deserves a voice, even if they do not agree with you.

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