What Conservatives Get Wrong About the NFL

Although many conservatives have stopped watching the NFL as a result of its players’ actions during the national anthem arguing that kneeling during the anthem is the ultimate disrespect of the American flag, it is incorrect for them to argue that the NFL’s recent ratings and fall in attendance are solely due to the players’ anthem protests.

The NFL’s kneeling controversy has led conservatives to promote the notion of boycotting the league. The Trump administration has also supported this idea, which has led to the NFL’s anthem protests to become a political issue. Nonetheless, conservatives are mistaken in promoting the idea that NFL’s anthem protests are the only factor in the league’s recent fall in ratings.

While it is true that ever since Colin Kaepernick first started kneeling, the NFL has seen its ratings fall, correlation does not imply causation. Besides kneeling, there are many other factors behind this drop in ratings. Specifically, the NFL’s other failed policies, the declining popularity of the sport itself, and the success (and failures) of other American sports leagues during the same period. In reality, the popularity of American sports leagues is defined by the popularity of the sport itself, not its politics.

The full article written by editor Rohan Kapur was featured on Conservative Daily News, where Kapur is a frequent contributor. Click here to read the full article.

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