The Faulty Case Against Voter ID Laws

For years the issue of voter identification laws has been a topic of major political debate in the United States. As the current presidential race heats up, the relevance of the issue has only risen. For years Republicans have argued for implementing such laws citing the need for election security and safe holding our democracy. Democrats, on the other hand, have long been against the notion insisting that voter identification laws would be discriminatory and prevent America’s minority populations from voting, arguing that much of America’s lowest class would not have the sufficient photo ID to vote should voter identification laws be implemented. However, the Democratic argument against voter identification laws is deceiving at best and in reality, Democrats have long been against voter identification laws not because they are discriminatory but because they have been taking advantage of the absence of such laws for years.

The notion that many Americans such as the lower class and minority class do not have sufficient identification is faulty, considering how important an identification is today. For starters, one needs an identification to do almost anything. You need an ID to buy alcohol or cigarettes, to rent a house or a car, to open a bank account, to board a plane. The list goes on and on. But most importantly for the sake of disproving the Democratic point, you need a proper ID to apply for food stamps, welfare, Medicaid/social security, unemployment benefits or a job. The minorities and lower-class the Democrats seem to be protecting from voter ID laws are often the ones applying for these services which all require a proper ID. In reality, it is very likely that many people that the Democrats seem to be fighting for by vetoing voter ID laws have IDs.

Perhaps the most ironic part of the Democratic claim that voter ID laws suppress voters is that the people they claim to be protecting do not share similar views. According to a 2016 Gallup poll, 77% of American Hispanics and Blacks support voter ID laws, almost identical to the 81% of whites that support such laws. The reality is that minorities who would apparently be “suppressed” by voter ID laws want voter ID laws because they are rightfully against the massive amount of voter fraud that is occurring in our country.

That being said, while it is fraudulent to argue that voter identification would suppress voters, it is important for the government to issue free identification to all legal citizens should voter identification legislation pass to ensure all eligible voters can vote in election.

For years Democrats haven’t necessarily been against voter identification laws for the perceived discriminatory measures of such laws, but because they have used the lack of such laws to their advantage. According to the Congressional Cooperative Election Study, 80% of non-citizens voted for Obama in the 2008 Presidential election. More recently, it is estimated that Hillary Clinton received 800,000 votes from non-citizens. The fact of the matter is that Democrats are taking advantage of the non-citizen vote at the expense of the American people. By blocking proposals for voter ID laws and foolishly arguing that such laws are discriminatory, Democrats are supporting their illegal base while at the same time diminishing the value of American votes.

America has a long history of suppressing voters and further legislation regarding voting is concerning. However, voter identification laws would only ensure the safeguarding of our democracy and only prevent non-eligible voters from voting. Republicans Americans need to  take the necessary steps to prevent illegal voters from influencing our elections. It is frankly, disappointing that America doesn’t have such basic tools implemented to safeguard elections and prevent voter fraud. Almost every modern-day democracy has some form of voter identification laws from Australia to Norway, it is time for the United States to do same. Although such laws may cost the government a little extra to issue the proper identification for those without, it will be a small price to pay for safeguarding our democracy.

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Rohan Kapur

Rohan Kapur is a high school student in New Jersey, graduating in 2020. He is interested in science, economics, and politics. He is the editor of Red in a Sea of Blue and a contributor for Conservative Daily News. Email him at [email protected].

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