The Government Should Entertain the Idea of Raising the Minimum Wage

For a century, Washington DC has debated over implementing and subsequently raising the minimum wage. Today, the dispute rages on with Congress currently debating establishing a $15 federal minimum wage. Democrats argue that increasing the minimum wage would help the lower class by increasing real wages across the board and lift many out of poverty. Republicans, on the other hand, continue to be against raising the price floor on the labor market, arguing that a minimum wage increase would raise unemployment citing basic economic theory as the basis of their argument. However, with the state of the current economy, Republicans talking points are no longer holding up and it may be time for the government to reconsider minimum wage legislation on both a federal and local level. Continue reading The Government Should Entertain the Idea of Raising the Minimum Wage

4 Takeaways from the Race for the Democratic Nomination

With the November Democratic Debate approaching, the wild race for the Democratic nomination will most likely take another unexpected twist. With that in mind, here are my four biggest takeaways from the race for the Democratic nomination. Continue reading 4 Takeaways from the Race for the Democratic Nomination

The Faulty Case Against Voter ID Laws

For years the issue of voter identification laws has been a topic of major political debate in the United States. As the current presidential race heats up, the relevance of the issue has only risen. For years Republicans have argued for implementing such laws citing the need for election security and safe holding our democracy. Democrats, on the other hand, have long been against the notion insisting that voter identification laws would be discriminatory and prevent America’s minority populations from voting, arguing that much of America’s lowest class would not have the sufficient photo ID to vote should voter identification laws be implemented. However, the Democratic argument against voter identification laws is deceiving at best and in reality, Democrats have long been against voter identification laws not because they are discriminatory but because they have been taking advantage of the absence of such laws for years. Continue reading The Faulty Case Against Voter ID Laws

Consumers Will Win Streaming Wars

Much of the focus of the imminent streaming war has been on consumers. Many believe consumers will be caught in the crossfire citing that the emergence of additional firms in the industry will minimize the amount of content a consumer can watch with one service, forcing the consumer to pay for multiple services rather than one or stick with a service that will have less content to offer than what the likes of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon had just a few years ago. Consumers, they argue, will also see prices of individual subscriptions increase to pay for the production of more original content, pointing to Netflix’s recent price increase as evidence for this speculation. This school of thought has become highly popularized in the media with many uneasy about the future costs of streaming and speculating that in the future, consumers will have to pay more for less content as the upcoming streaming war progresses. However, despite the popularization of this argument, the notion that prices will increase as a direct result of the streaming wars is ill-founded. Not only will companies be forced to lower prices to compete in this crowded marketplace, but they will also be forced to produce original content without raising prices on consumers, contrary to popular thought. Continue reading Consumers Will Win Streaming Wars