Congressional Term Limits Are Currently Unrealistic

It’s the harsh reality of the situation.

Despite being one of the few bipartisan issues in politics today (Over 82% of Americans support term limits), congressional term limits have a very limited chance of being considered given current circumstances. Americans would be better off debating issues that have the possibility of reformed. Calls for term limits have been re-ignited recently due to the upcoming midterm elections. These include multiple older senators, such as Diane Feinstein and Bill Nelson up for re-election. Many politicians have been in Washington too long, but it may be unproductive to argue for term limits, given the requirements to implement such measures.

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Could New York’s 14th District Turn Conservative?

Houses Races are inherently boring. Competition is usually minimal and elections are often won before people even go to the polls. The majority of House Districts are very partisan to one Party or another. It is not uncommon for House candidates to run uncontested in many Districts dominated by their Party.

Like many other House Races, New York’s 14th Congressional District House Race would be uninteresting to follow. The Democratic Party has controlled this District for years now, consistently blowing out conservative candidates. This District has been unwinnable for anyone not representing the Democratic Party. But this year, the notion of the 14th District’s election already being won has been thrown out of the window. As Election Day nears, it has become almost impossible to predict who will win. The possibility of Republican Anthony Pappas winning in this strongly Democratic District is very real, and it has nothing to do with Pappas himself and everything to do with what’s going on within the Democratic Party.

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