Addressing the US College Admissions Scandal

The controversy surrounding the recent US college admissions scandal has failed to hold the larger problem accountable. Yes, Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman, and the countless others involved should be prosecuted for their crimes. But their crimes misrepresent the larger problem. The problem isn’t the rich cheating their way into elite colleges with their deep pockets; the details of the scandal are extreme at best. The problem, instead, lies within the college admissions process itself and the undeniable connection between this process and economic privilege. Across the board, whether it’s academics, extracurriculars, or standardized testing, the rich continue to have an edge from the beginning of the college admissions process that only seems to be growing. Continue reading Addressing the US College Admissions Scandal

The Green New Deal’s Real Problem

Most concede that a Green New Deal would be an economic disaster. Achieving 100% renewable energies alone would cost an estimated $2.9 trillion, nearly a full year’s tax revenue. Despite these economic shortcomings, though, public support only continues to grow, with supporters citing its ability to mitigate climate change as more than enough justification for backing the deal. Realistically, the deal fails at addressing its intended goal of fighting climate change and overall, represents a misguided way to tackle climate change. Continue reading The Green New Deal’s Real Problem

Reassessing a Bleak Situation in North Korea

Last year, I wrote an article praising President Trump for his work with North Korea, arguing the President should win the Nobel Prize for his work in the Korean Peninsula. Today, I would like to reassess my position on US foreign policy in North Korea. Recent reports that North Korea is rebuilding its Sohae launch site and the recent failed summit between the United States and North Korea have exposed the economic and strategic reality of North Korea. Current US foreign policy of heavy economic sanctions and demands for full denuclearization of the Korean peninsula will not be sufficient to denuclearize the totalitarian regime and bringing about peace in the Korean peninsula. Continue reading Reassessing a Bleak Situation in North Korea

How to Combat Illegal Immigration

The recent government shutdown highlighted by the President’s push for a border wall has reignited the debate over how to curb illegal immigration. Many believe that a wall is necessary for stopping illegal immigration. However, while the President’s border wall would help fight illegal immigration, the reality is that a wall is not enough. The majority of illegal immigrants would never face a potential wall, given that most illegal immigrants are a result of overstayed visas. Furthermore, illegal immigrants will only evolve with a wall in place, just as drug smugglers continue to evolve and evade border patrol every year. Given these circumstances, in addition to a border wall, the government must reform current immigration policies. Specifically, the government must continue to fight illegal immigration by passing policies that will disincentivize illegal immigrants from coming in the first place, double down on deportations for those who have entered illegally, and reform current policies at the border. Continue reading How to Combat Illegal Immigration

The Case for Legalized Marijuana

With neighboring Canada and individual states such as California and Colorado legalizing marijuana, the fight for recreational marijuana legalization has become a highly contentious topic. However, when reviewing both sides of the debate the choice becomes clear. Long term, legalizing marijuana can be the most beneficial option for the United States.

Continue reading The Case for Legalized Marijuana