How to Combat Illegal Immigration

The recent government shutdown highlighted by the President’s push for a border wall has reignited the debate over how to curb illegal immigration. Many believe that a wall is necessary for stopping illegal immigration. However, while the President’s border wall would help fight illegal immigration, the reality is that a wall is not enough. The majority of illegal immigrants would never face a potential wall, given that most illegal immigrants are a result of overstayed visas. Furthermore, illegal immigrants will only evolve with a wall in place, just as drug smugglers continue to evolve and evade border patrol every year. Given these circumstances, in addition to a border wall, the government must reform current immigration policies. Specifically, the government must continue to fight illegal immigration by passing policies that will disincentivize illegal immigrants from coming in the first place, double down on deportations for those who have entered illegally, and reform current policies at the border. Continue reading How to Combat Illegal Immigration